American Horror Story Asylum 2.11: Split Milk


Author’s Note: This article is written on one episode of American Horror Story.  It has no knowledge of episodes released later than the episode in review.  Thank you.

Additional Note:  All articles on MK Horror contain spoilers.

Article written by Maggie K. Ward

ahs211_02Justice begins to be served in American Horror Story “Split Milk.”  Lana is finally freed with the aide of Mother Claudia (Barbara Tarbuck).  Jude (Jessica Lange) told the Mother that she wrongfully admitted Lana into Briarcliff athough she was innocent.  Mother Claudia brings Lana her things and helps her walk out the front door.  Kit (Evan Peters) and Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) are having a heated conversation at the bottom of the stairs about the tape recording, however Kit helps distract the evil man while she walks right behind him to a taxi outside the front door.  He manages to follow and see her in the taxi, flipping him off with the recording of his confession pressed against the window.

Later she meets him at his house with a gun in hand and the police on their way.  He makes a martini and tells her about Wendy’s death.  She was the only one he kept in tact after killing her.  He would use her to practice having sex before he kidnapped Lana.  He could only get off if she was turned around so her lifeless eyes would not be looking into his soul.  Dr. Thredson tells Lana he will never truly be punished for his crimes because is he clearly insane.  For justice, she puts a bullet in him.  Later she attempts to get Jude from the asylum, although the Monsignor tells her Sister Jude hung herself.  The poor woman is still in isolation going mad.

During the scene with Lana and Dr. Thredson, the viewers are also shown Johnny’s (Dylan McDermott) interaction with a prostitute.  He ensures she recently had a baby and is full of breast milk.  Like his father, Johnny has mommy issues.  “She never loved me.  She never loved my father.  There was only one person she ever loved.

ahs211_01Kit gets the opportunity to meet his baby, whom Grace has named Thomas.  Kit asks her to tell him about the aliens and she says at first she thought she was in heaven.  He asks about Alma (Britne Oldford) but she says his wife had died with the aliens.  Holding his baby boy, Kit asks Grace to marry him.  Shortly after, however, Monsignor Howard (Joseph Fiennes) enters the common room and takes their child to an orphanage.  Two psychopaths are not fit to raise a baby.

Lana manages to fill the newspapers with her story about Bloody Face and Briarcliff, but the asylum is still up and running, and fighting to stay open.  Kit is brought release papers and he insists on meeting with the Monsignor.  He blackmails the man into getting his child back and releasing Grace’s body.  According to the Briarcliff files, Grace died.  There is even a signed death certificate to go along with it.  The Monsignor does not have to lie, and Kit does not have to tell the truth.

Kit gets his way and takes his new family to his old house he owned with Alma.  It is still destroyed and messy from the alien abduction and Kit hears something in the bedroom.  He finds Alma with her very own baby.

Lana also has her baby but tells the nurses she does not want to see him.  The baby will not stop crying and he is allergic to formula.  A nurse brings the baby to Lana and all but begs her to help.  Thinking of Dr. Thredson calling her “mommy” and sucking on her breast, she takes the pour child and breastfeeds.  Does she keep him?  Perhaps we will find out in the next episode.

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