Evil Dead II (1987): Remake or Sequel


Image 1: Timeline of Evil Dead Films

Horror Hound forum asks this question: is Evil Dead II (1987) a sequel or a remake?  Fans discuss both sides, however a solid conclusion is never made.  This debate is also located all over the web on other forums and websites.  Regardless, Evil Dead was popular enough for two additional films, and a remake dated 2013 (Image 1).

Evil Dead II as a Sequel

Brad McHargue of Mile High Cinema states “Evil Dead II is not a remake.”  McHargue references the Evil Dead Companion, which states that due to problems with rights of the original film, the first 15 minutes recapped the film for people new to Evil Dead.

A fan from Horror Hound argues that the ending sequence of the Evil falling toward Ash is replayed in the beginning of the sequel, and continuous the story.  The simplest of debate for this issue comes from fans on several forums: the title leads the viewers to believe that Evil Dead II is a sequel.

Comparison of stills from “The Evil Dead” and “Evil Dead II” of the Book of the Dead discovery

Evil Dead II as a Remake

Some fans argue that Evil Dead II was a remake.  One Horror Hound fan looks at the film as similar characters in different a situation.  Another fan asks this question, “Why would Ash return to the cabin already knowing what was there? Plus Ash knows nothing about the demons or the book of the dead, which he’d already understood if it was a sequel. It’s clear in Part 2 Ash doesn’t suspect any kind of danger until the Evil Dead attacks.”  Ash’s lack of knowledge (Image 2) suggests that it is a remake.

Evil Dead II as a Requel

A horror fan on Spill Community used the term “requel” to describe Evil Dead II.  This means it is both a sequel and a remake.  One Horror Hound fan states, “I think Evil Dead II is the only movie that successfully incorporates both remake and sequel aspects into one flick without being redundant or boring.”  In a discussion on the MK Horror fan, Bill Brock, described the film as a “retelling of the events” from a different angle.

When comparing stills from The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II it is difficult to tell if the latter is recreating similar scenes, or if it is paying homage to the original film.  The image below compares a still of Cheryl from The Evil Dead and Henrietta from Evil Dead II.

Comparison of still from “The Evil Dead” and “Evil Dead II” Stills property of New Line Cinema and Paramount Pictures

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